Citation X Elite Program

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The Citation X Elite program provides a unique and exceptional value to our customers. Under a partnership with our major vendors, these Citation X’s are brought back to the Wichita Citation Service Center where they undergo a comprehensive refurbishment process. When complete, these Citation X Elite aircraft are essentially in new condition and with the 1,500 hour / fiveyear guaranteed rates for parts, maintenance and engines, they provide an exceptional value.


(5-YEARS / 1,500 HOURS) - This guaranteed rates package off ers an extraordinary value which allows the customer to precisely project costs of operation, except fuel, for fi ve-years / 1,500 hours, whichever occurs first.

OPTION 1: ProParts + All Unscheduled Maintenance Labor
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Hourly Rate $295/hr $295/hr $295/hr $395/hr $495/hr
OPTION 2: ProParts + All Scheduled AND Unscheduled Maintenance Labor (ProTech)
  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Hourly Rate $470/hr $470/hr $470/hr $570/hr $670/hr


Engine program offered at same hourly rate as new Citation X.


APU program offered at standard hourly rates.

X Elite Avionics


Honeywell Primus Elite Upgrade — The new Primus Elite system includes new DU875 LCD display units that will allow the addition of Jeppesen Electronic Charts and Maps, Geo-referenced aircraft positioning and XM graphical weather (with SB750-34-56). The system will also be capable of supporting future growth opportunities including ADS-B, RNP approaches, video display capabilities and synthetic vision.

XM Graphical Weather Upgrade — XM graphical weather to be displayed in the cockpit on the MFD’s.

AH800 to Laseref IV Modification — The AH800 was replaced with Laseref IV.

FMS 6.1 — Software update with the addition of WAAS/LPV capability (pending certification).

ADS-B Out — The foundation of Next-Gen technology. The ability of the aircraft to transmit its own position to air-traffi c control gives a much more precise location of the aircraft rather than radar [pending certification].


To enhance lateral control efficiency during approach in gusty, or crosswind conditions. Aileron control system will require less control wheel input to obtain a given amount of roll response.


New exterior paint with Cor-Ban Treatment.

X Elite Interior


Completely refurbished interior including new IPECO passenger seats and Goodrich crew seats.


Aircell Axxess– a multi-channel global voice and narrowband data system.


Add-on for the Aircell Axxess cabin system, adding seamless high-speed internet to airborne communications in the continental U.S. and portions of Alaska.


The entire cabin management system is replaced with up-to-date, modern electronics offered by Mid Continent Controls. A touch screen will be incorporated at the Galley and VIP location.

Switch Panel Replacement and Upgrade — Removes all IFE system components from the aircraft and only replaces existing switch panels and control modules for cabin comfort features such as lights, shades, cabin temp, galley, and vanity functions.

Flight Information Display — The flight information display will show basic flight information on a new, color vibrant display.

Monitor Receptacle — USB chargers are installed in side ledges.